1. Ashtotharaarchana

The Astothra Archana is a special form of prayer done for you by the temple priest to invoke individual guidenance and blessings of the God Shiva and Shakthi. Conducted in the Garbhagraha of the deity where the priest chants the 108 different names of God Shiva and Shakthi and on your behalf request the blessings of the Almighty. The Astothra Archana form of prayer uses the sound as a source of energy to seek divine blessings.

2. Rakthapushpanjali

Raktha means blood and deha means body. Mantras chanted during these pushpanjalis will fortify your blood stream and your entire physical body. Another purpose of Raktha pushpanjali is to subjugate the enemies. Impurities in your blood lead to challenges in both physical and psychological health. This worship is for the attainment of physical strength especially strengthening the immune system, increasing vitality, and removal of conditions like anemia etc; bestows mental strength, especially removal of fear, increase in confidence, thought clarity and inclination towards activity and accomplishments. This is a wholesome remedy for both physical and psychological endurance.

3. Bhagavathi seva

Bhagavati Seva, a unique and powerful ceremony. This special ceremony invokes Goddess, the active dynamic principle primarily responsible for all prosperity, as well as the generator of fertility and purity. This ceremony acts as a cleansing ritual to help you align yourself to be in harmony with cosmic energy, and restore balance to your life.

4. Pushpanjali

Pushpanjali is arranged every month or on date of birth of the person, other special occasions, on the eve of a new venture etc

5. Vellanivedyam

Nivedya is sanctified food that differs according to the concept of the idol. Vella-nivedyam (cooked rice) is one of the common type of Nivedyas.

6. Kudmbaarchana

Kudumba Archana is a divine ritualistic worship of Devi to remove all types of problems, sorrows, and tensions for their family and to get prosperity and good health for the whole family members by the kind blessings of Devi.

7. Maha Ganapathi Homam

Before starting any venture Ganapathy Homam is conducted in order to please the lord and remove all obstacles,make the effort or project a grand success. The homam is conducted with Navagraha Mantra which gives added results. The holy water and ashes of the homam are supplied to the devotees as prasadam

8. Saarswatha mantraarchana

9. Swayamvara Pushpaanjali

Swayamvara Pushpaanjali is conducted for benefit of those looking to get married. Parents usually have this offering performed when their kids are getting ready to start a family

10. Vidhyaarambham

Vidya' means knowledge and 'Arambham' means to start or to begin. Vidyarambham is the day a child is formally inducted into the world of education.

11. Rudhira Kalam

An offering for getting relief from stomach ailments. It is a mixture of raw rice, green gram, pepper, ginger, salt and turmeric.

12. Baghyasookthaarchana

Bhagya sooktham is the Rigvedic hymn of 7 verses to invoke Bhaga who is the personification of prosperity, love, sharing and happiness.